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At ZHOUKA JAPAN, we currently offer approximately 20 types of specialized clothing for sports, in order to turn your passion for sports into reality. We value the individuality and passion of each customer and continue to pursue the optimal clothing for each sport.

However, our challenges are far from over. If you are looking for competition wear that is not available here, please feel free to contact us. Your voice may be the trigger for our new challenge and a revolution in new competition wear.

ZHOUKA JAPAN creates clothing that will make your dreams come true.

We are always here to cater to your passion.


​The most advanced sublimation printer

At ZHOUKA JAPAN, we use the world's most advanced sublimation printer technology to create uniforms that turn athletes' dreams into reality. At our factory, we use advanced sublimation technology that can express fine details down to a few millimeters to almost perfectly reproduce design data and photographs created in Illustrator and other software.

This technology allows you to create the completely original uniform you envision with vivid colors.

With our hands, your ideas become more than just images, they become breathing clothing. ZHOUKA JAPAN transforms your vision into a one-of-a-kind uniform using cutting-edge technology.

sublimation printer

​A wide range of sizes available

80 size baby size
8XL size Kigurumi size

ZHOUKA JAPAN boasts an overwhelming range of sizes so that everyone can find clothing that fits them perfectly.

We have a wide range of sizes to accommodate every body type, from a tiny 80 to an incredible 8XL.

ZHOUKA offers sizes that would be considered "special order" at other companies as standard. No matter what your body type is,

We guarantee a perfect fit.

Our mission is to provide the perfect clothing for all our customers, and we go beyond size to meet every need. Find the best ZHOUKA JAPAN wear for you, regardless of your body type, here.


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